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Hide treasures in the real world / find exclusive material near you.

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Quest is a platform for digital geocaching. People can upload content to a specific area, allowing only a certain set of people to find items. Once in the area, people must search the space to find an artifact that exists in augmented reality.

Ping Poster Pitch

1st, Problem

We are overloaded with digital content, much of which is permanent. This leads to a simultaneous sense of information overload and a desire to curate and censor our own digital expression.

Imposed Scarcity
Certain paradigms have emerged to manufacture a sense of value through scarcity. A prime example is the concept of “stories” – self-destructing digital content. There are two key benefits to adding a time limit on media. First, it adds value. Ephemerality makes content more desirable. Second, it reduces friction to post. Because of the time restrictions, we have to worry less about something being perfect. If something doesn’t fit in with their curated brand or online identity. It will be gone tomorrow.

Scarcity through location
Quest aims to create a similar sense of scarcity through location instead of time. Users can hide content in a specific location. Hunters will discover this content searching an area using their camera. This could be used for artists to release content to a select audience, companies hiding promotions and individuals hiding content related to a certain place.

2nd, Explore

Because people will be using this app while walking around, the primary goal was to create an interface that could be used with one hand on larger screens. This lead to a modular and responsive interface located at the bottom of the screen.

There are two primary use cases I wanted to prototype. Discovering nearby content and tracking down something of interest (explore), and hiding your own treasure (add).

Exploring for new treasure Ping - Journey Map Earthquake

Explore: flow

Ping - Journey Map Earthquake

Explore: screens

Adding your own treasure
Ping - Journey Map Earthquake

Add: flow

Ping - Journey Map Earthquake

Add: screens

3rd, Design


  • Can there be an unlimited number of artifacts in a certain area?
  • Can hunts be chained together? Is there a way to support this?
  • How can ARKit and core location be combined to create congruent, location-specific experiences for people. github project related that that)

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