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New site

A gradient with a noise texture, purple and blue

Time for something new

I haven’t updated my personal website in over five years. I started so many times, creating mockups in figma, test projects in webflow, googling the latest front-end frameworks. Everytime I hit a roadblock.

My previous personal website was a static site generator built using jekyll. It was a different time in web development where I was manually uploading build files using FTP to my hosting provider, but I loved the hands on experience. I’ve built a lot of websites using webflow since then, and for a while thought that I’d just make a new version there, but I couldn’t make it happen despite many attempts.

It’s the end of 2022 and I’m (once again) trying something new. A fresh aproach to static site generation: ASTRO. I can deploy easily using vercel, for free, and ASTRO feels like a big upgrade in terms of static site generation. Picking something new is a proven way to trick myself into actually creating the website. This is also an effort to reboot an extended effort to write more code and deepen my technical knowledge.

I’ll try and write more about this process here — with the goal of jotting down some thoughts about learning to code, creating 3D experiences, and my general thoughts on making software. Thanks for stopping by!